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Man do I miss OS X

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007


I started a new job a month ago and while I love just about everything about it (other than being on call) I am forced to use Windows. Lucky for me I can use Vista and Office 2007 which is a vast improvement over pervious version no matter what others tell you, but still it is far from being a Mac. The amazing part is that I have only used a Mac full time for a year and before that I used either Windows or Linux for years.

Here is what I miss most.

The Dock: There is nothing more annoying than Vista’s taskbar which has changed little from XP. Not only can you not control where you put shortcuts or running applications, but on top of that each window gets a square. I feel like I spend all day searching for running apps since there is no Expose either. Plus if you right click on a taskbar item you get all of 3 choices, nothing like Mac which has tons of options.

Bash: Man does CMD suck, command line completion is a joke and I spend half the time typing out the longest commands and switches you ever saw, on top of this most of the essential commands require me to go searching around the internet for things simple like ‘grep’.

NetworkNewsWire: I use FeedDeamon instead, but it really isn’t the same, you can’t move folders around and opening a article is a 3 click affair. At least is syncs with NNW so I can enjoy it at home without reading the same news over and over again.

In Line spell check: Hello Vista, no inline spell check? You have to be kidding me?

Expose: I forget how useful this little trick is till I don’t have it, and Vista’s equivalent is a just a cool looking alt-tab.

Alt~: The way OS X treats application windows used to drive me nuts and now I hate living without it, the ability to alt-tab between apps and then atl~ between windows is a powerful tool that I really really wish Vista had.

Auto Window Resizing: This could be the first thing I ever discovered about OS X that was very different from Windows and now it drives me nuts. You hit maximize and the little text document takes up the ENTIRE screen and the only way to make it the “correct” and by correct I mean the appropriate size to display the content with minimal whitespace, is to resize it manually. I spend soo much time just resizing windows to maximize my desktop space.

Scrolling: Two finger drag, that is all I am going to say.

Elevated privileges: Is it really necessary to freeze everything on the screen and dim everything just to prompt the user to elevate privileges? On top of this you are sometimes prompted for your credentials multiple times in a row — I guess in case you walked away from your computer in the past 8 seconds.

FQDN usernames: Wow do I get sick of typing my domain name, yeah I know this is actually a complaint against Vista vs XP and not OS X.

I am sure I am missing something, I should of made a list rather than shooting off the hip.

Apple TV notice

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

I received my email from Apple today letting me know about the delay, I guess they have to send these out for people who live under rocks, or don’t read Engadget– so yeah live under rocks.

Thanks Apple for the notice, but how about a discount of some kind to make up for the delay.

Apple TV delayed

Monday, February 26th, 2007

I have to say I am disappointed that I have to wait another two weeks before I can get my hands on an Apple TV. It really gets me wondering about what else Apple might have up their sleeve considering how simple this device seems, but yet how long it has taken for them to release it, not to mention the fact that Apple pre-announced this product which isn’t their usual practice. I think it might just be HD movies and another studio, but perhaps that is just wishful thinking. Read

Where I blog and Podcast

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

Where I blog

I love to blog and podcast when I have the time and do most of it from my home. I podcast in my mess of an office and blog from my couch while watching HDTV, which explains why I don’t get many posts done.

This is where all the magic happens, ok not all, but you can see from the worn spot in the couch that I sit there alot, enough that I ran the power cable under the couch and bought an extra power supply so I woldn’t have to keep running the wire. Here is the distance shot for some perspective.


I love to podcast as well, but I have manged to run off every cost I have ever had, so until I find my next victim co-host I won’t have a show. Either way here is where I record, and I am sure this is as messy as it has ever been. I have been meaning to clean it up, but yeah heven’t gotten to it. One day.

Messy desk

My HDTV gear

Saturday, February 24th, 2007


I have been writting online for just over a year and unless you listen to the Podcast you don’t know much about me. I probably share more than many on my Podcast, (when I actually record one) but after talking to Dave Zatz I took some pictures and I want to share some of them as well as some details of my gear for any who want to see it. Yeah I know it’s vain, but I guess thats me.

I most of the work myself with some help from my good friend Dave Evans who also feeds my habit by geting me good deals on supplies. I ran all the CAT5 cable and component cables throughout the house, but the alarm wireing was done already, most of it anyways, I had to run the wires for the glass break and motion sensors.

My Gear

  • Mitsubishi ws55813
  • Saphire towers and center
  • Speakercraft surounds
  • Series3 TiVo
  • Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray player
  • Video Storm 4×2 component matrix switch
  • HDHomeRun
  • Xbox360
  • Whitebox HTPC
  • Pioneer Elite VSX-33tx AV reciever
  • Elk M1-Gold alarm
  • Insteon Dimmers about 14
  • Cisco Aironet 1100 WiFi AP
  • Linksys WRT54GS router (wifi disabled)
  • HAI thermostat
  • MacBook Pro
  • G4 Mini
  • 20″ cinema Display
  • 32″ Sharp Aquas

So now that you have a parts list, just figure out where I live so you can take it from me. I will reference this list when filing my insurance claim.

Check out the flicker pool for all the pics.

TiVo Desktop 2.4; and some wonder why Mac fans can’t wait for Apple TV

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

TiVo recenlty announced an updated to their desktop software that now allows Window users to enjoy HD quality photos on their Series3. While this is great news, it leaves Mac users everywhere wondering where the love is? It seems that as great as OS X is and iLife with it, that being treated like a second class citizen in the consumer electronics world is the worst part of owning a Mac. Mac fans know that Apple takes care of their own and given enough time the Mac equivelent will be superior to the Windows version.

I love my Series3, but I can’t wait to get my Apple TV next week so I can enjoy all my photos in HD on my HDTV in an enjoyable way.

I love Gmail, but…..

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

I still remember the first time I used Gmail or even heard about it, it was great, the threaded view changed the way I use email and the new features continue to impress me, but there has always been one problem and still to this day I am sure it annoys everyone else as much as me.

The inability to access my mail via IMAP or some variation that is similar. Even Hotmail has a a feature like this, sure it only works in MS products, but still it’s there. I know this will bother me even more when my iPhone arrives and I will want Push email to my device, I guess I will just have to go on using forwarding and a second pop account to filter what mail I want from my Gmail to my portable device.

Chris nails it: Apple doesn’t care about CableCARD

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

For whatever reason pepople continue to want Apple to get in the DVR business. Whether it is rumors about Apple buying TiVo or that the new Apple TV will include CableCARD support, people just love to dream. The fact of the matter is they don’t because they don’t want to. They want to sell shows and movies off iTunes, in the end VOD is the future. It will take years till everything is available to everyone whenever they want and that point who would want a DVR? Sure if it’s cheaper, but other than price, VOD is where it is at. Either way Chris Lanier really spells it out for people in his latest post and I think he is dead on. So if you still believe Apple will offically support some soft of DVR head over and take a look.