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Pax8 Marketplace will send leads to MSPs

Wednesday, June 14th, 2023

The key to any great business — in my mind — is finding as many Win/Win scenarios as possible. The revamp of the Pax8 cloud marketplace does that by enabling customers searching for solutions on SaaS providers websites to automatically get matched up with MSPs who can support that product. The SaaS provider wins because they sell software, Pax8 wins because they get to resale said software and provide more value to cloud marketplace customers. The MSP wins because they get qualified leads from interested buyers. Finally, the customer wins because they can easily find an MSP to support the software they found doing their own research. Of course time will tell how well it all works, but so far it seems like another example of why an MSP and a SaaS provider should do business with Pax8.


Another Fortinet vulnerability requiring immediate action

Monday, June 12th, 2023

This was already beyond being old after the last one, but here we go again with Fortinet CVE-2023-27997 requiring immediate action. Who knows how many thousands of Fortigate firewalls are out, they’re deployed by MSPs to protect their client’s, are now a major attack vector that requires everyone to stop what they are doing to mitigate. This is about the 4th in the last year, for those counting (CVE-2022-42475, CVE-2022-40684, CVE-2023-25610). Sure hope you have an automated way to address this, if not, now maybe it’s time to start searching an alternative for your standard technology platform.

I’m back

Monday, June 12th, 2023

Yeah, so it’s been a minute (about 5 mil actually) since I posted here. I’ve been missing writing for years, but you know how it goes. The world has changed a lot in the past 10 years and while my old pastime of HDTVs is officially boring now, my passion technology hasn’t waned at all. One thing I miss about the old web is how brief blog posts used to be — ahh the 150 words or less Engadget posts. Anyways, my only promise to those who take the time to read what I wrote is that I’ll keep it succinct.