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Chris Tribbey is my new best friend

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Web Rumors 1Seeing your name in print never gets old and for the second time Chris Tribbey from Home Media Magazine has found my opinion fit to print, and that’s why he’s my new best friend. The article was in the December 30th edition and is titled Web Rumors. So if you find the format war interesting, I’d suggest you check it out.

Web Rumors 2

Thanks Chris!

How to make an auditable electronic voting machine

Monday, December 17th, 2007

It really amazes me that companies who manufacturer almost all the banking equipment in the US can’t design a auditable electronic voting machine. It almost makes me thing they don’t want to make one, which is going to lead to states going back to scanned ballots.

Here is a free solution, I take no credit and anyone can use it without any compensation.

Take the same machines you have now and add reciept printer to it — you know, like the ones attached to ATMs and every teller’s computer in the US — when I cast my vote, print out a receipt which will state who I voted for and have a bar code that is encoded with the same information. As I walk out of the poll, have me drop this receipt into a box — you know, like the old ballot boxes that are probably still in storage. Then we can have quick access to the results, thanks to the electroic systems and if someone demands a recount, it can be done manually or by just scanning all the bar codes.

Not real hard is it? Maybe Diebold and others will get a clue.

One of my favorite things about Engadget

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

I got into this entire business ’cause I like to talk. I started doing a podcast about HD and this lead me to Engadget. My big mouth has gotten me into trouble more than a few times and on a recent EHD Podcast I couldn’t shut up about how much I dislike WealthTV — seriously, have you watched this channel, it’s a perfect example of wasted bandwidth. Needless to say, they didn’t like what I had to say, but who’d a thought they would actually issue a press release accusing me — and Engadget — of being involved in a large corporate conspiracy. First off, we don’t take editorial direction from anyone but Ryan and Peter, and Time Warner is such a large company even if we did, they wouldn’t have any pull. But, no one can explain the situation better than our fearless leader Ryan. His post on the matter on EHD is one of my favorite. I read it a few times and laughed my a’ off every time. So, for a good laugh head over and see how we deal with unfounded accusations.

Is PRO IP, anti-consumer?

Friday, December 7th, 2007

The government has the hardest job in the world; to try to please everyone, all the time. I know at my job the biggest challenges are usually political and not technical, I can’t even imagine not having the technical part to keep me sane. Regardless, this is what they do in Washington for a living, and once again we have to wonder who’s interests they have in mind. I know I don’t feel like the PRO IP law is Pro Ben Drawbaugh. I dont’ have a problem paying for content, but I do have a problem with people telling me what I can do with that content — aside from personal monetary gain that is. I believe most will pay for content when it is available when and how they want it.

I’m a little more optimistic than my friend Jeremy, I believe that this bill doesn’t have a chance to make it. But then again, I never thought they’d pass the DMCA either. Either way, congress is only one part of our government and even if it makes it through, there is no way it has a chance in both of the other two branches.

Introducing the Madison Group

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Even though this is my person blog, I usually don’t get that personal. Honestly, I’d rather talk tech then about my life. But every once in a while there is something worth mentioning, and I’m very excited to brag about my wife starting her own company. She’s been a recruiter (aka headhunter) for over six years and not only does she love it, but she’s really good at it. So starting a few months ago, her and one of her colleagues started The Madison Group, Inc. They specialize in three areas: Architecture, Engineering, and Construction; Information Technology; and Accounting. They are based in Tampa FL, but have clients and work with candidates all over. They also do some work with re-location, but someone has to be really good for a company to foot the bill. As you can tell I’m really proud of her and everyone who knows us, will tell you that she’s the successful one in the relationship. Now click through and give her new site some traffic and maybe she can help you get a job!

The Madison Group, Inc