Where I blog and Podcast

Where I blog

I love to blog and podcast when I have the time and do most of it from my home. I podcast in my mess of an office and blog from my couch while watching HDTV, which explains why I don’t get many posts done.

This is where all the magic happens, ok not all, but you can see from the worn spot in the couch that I sit there alot, enough that I ran the power cable under the couch and bought an extra power supply so I woldn’t have to keep running the wire. Here is the distance shot for some perspective.


I love to podcast as well, but I have manged to run off every cost I have ever had, so until I find my next victim co-host I won’t have a show. Either way here is where I record, and I am sure this is as messy as it has ever been. I have been meaning to clean it up, but yeah heven’t gotten to it. One day.

Messy desk

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