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Introducing IT Accelerant

Monday, February 26th, 2024

I’m very proud and excited to announce that I’ve started a new Managed IT Services company named IT Accelerant. I’ve worked in IT since 2000, in 2018 I started working for an MSP in Annapolis Maryland and learned to love the business of helping other businesses succeed with technology. I’ve been in the Managed IT Services space ever since and love it.

IT Accelerant will focus on serving small to mid-sized business (5-100 people) in Colorado. We’ve just launched a new website that explains our focus and the types of businesses we support. We look forward to serving other business in our area!

Another day another critical Fortigate vulnerability

Friday, February 9th, 2024

At this point, it’s beyond ridiculous. The device that is supposed to provide security is the one requiring constant updates due to vulnerabilities that are exposed to the internet. Every software vendor has bugs, many of them are security related. It happens. Which is why it is essential that your systems can be quickly and easily updated. Other firewall vendors have provided such automatic updates for over a decade, it’s time we stop using technology that is so difficult to keep updated. Rant over, go update your firewalls now and while you are at it, upgrade to modern solutions that don’t require a VPN at all (like SaaS).