I love Gmail, but…..

I still remember the first time I used Gmail or even heard about it, it was great, the threaded view changed the way I use email and the new features continue to impress me, but there has always been one problem and still to this day I am sure it annoys everyone else as much as me.

The inability to access my mail via IMAP or some variation that is similar. Even Hotmail has a a feature like this, sure it only works in MS products, but still it’s there. I know this will bother me even more when my iPhone arrives and I will want Push email to my device, I guess I will just have to go on using forwarding and a second pop account to filter what mail I want from my Gmail to my portable device.

3 Responses to “I love Gmail, but…..”

  1. Thanks Brian, I hadn’t noticed they added that, I know it wasn’t there before.

    I will use that instead of a filter that forwards, but it would be great if you could just pop filtered mail, rather than needing a second mailbox to forward to.

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