Introducing the Madison Group

Even though this is my person blog, I usually don’t get that personal. Honestly, I’d rather talk tech then about my life. But every once in a while there is something worth mentioning, and I’m very excited to brag about my wife starting her own company. She’s been a recruiter (aka headhunter) for over six years and not only does she love it, but she’s really good at it. So starting a few months ago, her and one of her colleagues started The Madison Group, Inc. They specialize in three areas: Architecture, Engineering, and Construction; Information Technology; and Accounting. They are based in Tampa FL, but have clients and work with candidates all over. They also do some work with re-location, but someone has to be really good for a company to foot the bill. As you can tell I’m really proud of her and everyone who knows us, will tell you that she’s the successful one in the relationship. Now click through and give her new site some traffic and maybe she can help you get a job!

The Madison Group, Inc

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