Is PRO IP, anti-consumer?

The government has the hardest job in the world; to try to please everyone, all the time. I know at my job the biggest challenges are usually political and not technical, I can’t even imagine not having the technical part to keep me sane. Regardless, this is what they do in Washington for a living, and once again we have to wonder who’s interests they have in mind. I know I don’t feel like the PRO IP law is Pro Ben Drawbaugh. I dont’ have a problem paying for content, but I do have a problem with people telling me what I can do with that content — aside from personal monetary gain that is. I believe most will pay for content when it is available when and how they want it.

I’m a little more optimistic than my friend Jeremy, I believe that this bill doesn’t have a chance to make it. But then again, I never thought they’d pass the DMCA either. Either way, congress is only one part of our government and even if it makes it through, there is no way it has a chance in both of the other two branches.

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