Legacy Locker — why didn’t I think of that?

When you have kids you start to think differently. You start to think about life insurance, wills, and a bunch of other sad stuff — which is kinda ironic when you think about how much joy kids can bring. 

Now if I was at least half as smart as my friend Jeremy Toemen, when I had my first child a few years ago I would’ve thought about how I’d deal with all my online posossions. We’ve all heard horror stories about loved ones trying to obtain access things as simple as an email account, but imagine how many online accounts you have. Now try to figure out what is going to happen to all of it when you pass on. I know, what a mess. 

What is cool is that Legacy Locker has a pretty comprehsive solution, which unfortuntely it isn’t live just yet, but don’t let that stop you from signing up so you’ll get notified when it is.

One Response to “Legacy Locker — why didn’t I think of that?”

  1. Rey Luca says:

    This topic is great and all Ben, but please give us the “Ethical Moral Questionaire” that you and Steve mentioned in the last EngHD podcast. You said you was going to do it Ben!! So Cmon Mannn! And don’t go giving your readers vague ass questions like the ones Darren does.