The iPhone 3G launch: It was so much better last time

I understand why Apple changed the activation process with the 3G iPhone, and if given the choice to wait in line with other Apple Geeks for 4.5 hours or pay $600 for a 16G 3G iPhone, I’d most definitely choose the wait; but man it’s amazing how much faster the line went last time. The good news is I made some great new friends while waiting and without much fuss was out of the Apple store in about 30 minutes.

Anyhoo, although I love the new iPhone, the real killer new feature is the applications, but with only 25% of them free and no trial period, it’s too easy to burn through all your iTunes credits on crap. So here is my list of iPhone applications, highs and lows — Thanks for the idea Richard.


  1. WeatherBug – Free and easy access to radar maps and weather cameras, but no animated loop. Wouldn’t mind paying for a weather app if it featured animated loops.
  2. eBay – Free, but not super fancy, but still faster than using the web browser.
  3. Remote – Who doesn’t like this?
  4. Tetris – $15, much better than the free Jailbroken version, but takes a long time to load and has crashed on me during games a few times. But very impressive implementation using the touch screen. Definitely worth the money, but I’ll be looking for an update to make it more stable.
  5. SportsTab – Free, very quick access to sports scores, seems easier than, but we’ll really see when football season starts.
  6. vSnax – Free, like YouTube but more useful, because there is actually recent news and other corporate content.
  7. Talking Spanish Phrases – Free, this is a great little phrase utility that includes the pronunciation of spanish phrases as well as to speak them out audibly.


  1. iLoveControl – Free, even at free, this thing is completly useless and even if I did have a Crestron HA system, it doesn’t look like it’d be that cool of a way to control it.
  2. Super Monkey Ball –  $10, this game is impossible and you have to look down at the iPhone to even play it. Not much fun at all.
  3. Texas Hold ’em – $5, not a bad deal for $5, but the game is like 150MB and the game play is too slow.
  4. NetNewsWire – Free, I’m a long time NetNewsWire fan, but I have to say that Google’s Web reader for the iPhone is better, much better.

The rest of the apps I tried that were just all right were, Cro-Mag Rally, which isn’t as much fun as Crash’s race game. Blip Solitaire which isn’t bad, but takes too long to load and isn’t as good as the free version I was using on my jailborken iPhone.

Overall I’m happy, but I wish Apple had an RSS feed that would make it easy to keep up with new apps and udpates.

2 Responses to “The iPhone 3G launch: It was so much better last time”

  1. Bill Vinson says:

    I can’t agree about Hold ’em or Super Monkey Ball as I bought both and am enjoying them, but everything else is spot on where I have tried it.

    Some others I like:

    PhoneSaber – stupid fun, just hold on to your phone 🙂
    AOL Radio – working pretty well over wifi
    Dial Zero – Corporate help/support lines with instructions on how to bypass menu systems (useful enough for the price – free)

  2. Hugh McMillan says:

    I missed your company in line this year. I was in line at 10 by the dumpster at International and it was 6 when I left the Apple store. The bonus this time was the free MacDonalds burgers and apple “chips” and HUGE patio umbrellas that Apple had delivered. Oh, and since the line was always moving, albeit slowly during the server problems, I did make it inside prior to the rain.

    Last year in line I was able to learn from you, in a somewhat circuitous manner, what TV to buy, a 42″ Elite Kuro, and now I guess I will have to trust experience when I relocate it and replace it with the new 50″ Elite Kuro.

    My son Scot admitted, belatedly the other day, that he had erased your hole-in-one on your PS3. We are both sorry for that but appreciate the loan very much. He now has his own and if he ever gets a hole-in-one I will delete it to even the score.

    Thanks for everything and I hope to see you next year…