The quest for the perfect Reuben Sandwich

If you know pretty well, then you know I’m a walking contradiction. Case in point, I don’t like hot sandwiches, but my favorite sandwich is a Reuben.

I can still remember the first one I ever had, it wasn’t very good as far as Reuben go, but it was still good. The best Reuben in the world is from a cafe in Tallahassee FL called Bagel Bagel — no it isn’t made on a bagel. There are a few franchises of the original now, but the ones I’ve tried don’t use the same ingredients. The Bagel Bagel on Pensacola Ave in Tallahassee uses a pumpernickel rye swirl bread, great corn beef, it’s a triple stack, and impossible to eat without making a mess — very important trait of a good sandwich.

Recently I finally got the idea that I could make my favorite sandwich at home and I have to say it’s much harder than I thought it would be. I haven’t found the best ingredients yet, but the ones I’m getting from Sweetbay are decent. But the real problem is how to prepare it. Might seem silly, but there are many ways to do it. Right now, I’m uses a skillet with some butter and cooking it on medium for about 2 and half minutes. This toasts the bread pretty good, but leaves the sauerkraut a little cold. Next try I’m going to cook it slower and longer in the hopes that I’ll be able to keep the bread nice and browned but also get all the insides nice and warm. I’ve also tried the oven and the toaster over, and while both turned out all right, it’s hard to get the bread right in an oven. If anyone out there is good in the kitchen, I’d love some pointers. I’ve done some searching online — that’s how I got this far — but I really need someone with first hand experience.

12 Responses to “The quest for the perfect Reuben Sandwich”

  1. Utah says:

    What does this have to do with hd….sorry, had to say it

  2. Patrick says:

    Nothing – that’s why it’s tagged “Personal”, not “HDTV”. Learn to understand the point of a blog.

    The last post – “How many KB a month do you use on your phone?” – had nothing to do with HD, but you didn’t pipe up there, did you?

  3. Ben Drawbaugh says:

    Thanks for sticking up for me man, but it’s an inside joke between me and Utah. It has something to do with another blog that isn’t personal that has non HD stuff on it all the time.

  4. Utah says:

    As Ben stated that was just an inside joke. Something we were talking about this weekend.

  5. Patrick says:

    Fine, this is the last time I stick up for fellow Tampa peeps. I’ll go back to sharpening my stick now.

  6. Ben Drawbaugh says:

    Actually Utah is a fellow Tampa peep as well, we went to college together as well. The reason I call him Utah is because he used to watch Point Break everyday after class — yes everyday.

  7. Utah says:

    utah, gimme two

  8. Ben Drawbaugh says:

    It’s been announced for Blu-ray so when it’s released, Utah will have to have you and me over to his really nice Home Theater to watch it on his VMC — to make it up to us for heckling me.

  9. locke6854 says:

    And after all that, no reuben sammich tips.

    Other than how to spell “reuben” i suppose… ;P

  10. Ben Drawbaugh says:


    Thanks for the correction!

  11. Patrick says:

    That’s awesome you’ve tried the Bagel Bagel on Pensacola Ave!! That’s one of my favorite places to go in Tally… and I generally eat there every time I come down from Atlanta for a Tally visit.
    That being said:
    You’ve GOT to try the “Wine & Cheese” if you ever go back there… Best sandwich on the menu.