The best part of CES is the people

Steve, Ben and Richard

This was my third CES and although I love gadgets — HDTVs in particular — the best part of all three shows for me was the people I met. While I’m not going to list every Engadget Editor who went, or every press relations person I met for the first time, — despite working with them for years — I’d like to list a few. I talk to Steve Kim (pictured above on the left) every week on the podcast and this is the first time we met, and as I expected, we got along great. Jeremy Toeman with the cool new gadget from Bug Labs was also great, despite the fact that he believe everyone wants to watch crappy video on their computer. I marveled at watching Darren Murph perform his blogging magic in person (200 posts in 10 days, wow!). Unfortunately I didn’t get meet everyone I wanted, at one point I was in the same room as Mari Silbey and we didn’t even know it. And of course I got to hang with some old friends that I only get to see once a year like; Ryan, Zatz; Richard (pictured above on the right) and Tyler (pictured below playing me in the AVP challenge) — as well as so many more that I won’t list. It never ceases to amaze me how well I get along with all these people and they’re the ones that make the trip as much fun as it is. Thanks.


5 Responses to “The best part of CES is the people”

  1. Dave Zatz says:

    Was great seeing you, Ben. I know we occasionally disagree on the technology (my XstreamHD post is coming…), but I think we’ll both agree that robot company rep wasn’t very polite!

  2. Good seeing you too Ben, despite the fact that you believe the cable industry is actually on the verge of massive change.


  3. bjdraw says:

    Haha, well played. But I don’t remember saying that, in fact I’d expect them to change as slow as they have for years, but eventually I do think Congress’s intentions will be a reality.

  4. raskev says:

    Fantastic coverage at CES ’08! I really enjoyed following the posts and podcasts. I am sure that it was a lot of work and long hours. Thanks too for the pic you and Steve. It is fun to put faces to the voices that I have been listening to for months. Keep up the great work!

  5. […] Meanwhile, I did put several faces to names at a media reception last night. Ben Drawbaugh and I finally caught up after missing each other at CES. […]