My fav Engadget comments

Every once in a while there is a Engadget comment that just cracks me up, so from now on I’m going to post them here.

“Ben Drawbaugh is an interesting specimen – a Blu-ray fanboy and a
Microsoft fanboy.

Engadget is owned by Time-Warner so Ben is a Blu-ray fanboy.
However, he owns an XBox 360 and many of the ads on Engadget are
Microsoft-centric, so he is a Microsoft fanboy.

So the best way for him to appease both sides of his fanboy nature is
to promote Blu-ray and to bash the PS3.

Remember, the PS3 is connected to the Internet so once any standard
becomes the norm, you can expect Sony to upgrade the firmware to
support it. Ignore Mr. Drawbaugh’s Microsoft fanboy comments.”

Just for the record, I don’t own a 360 anymore, hate Microsoft and if Time Warner told me what to do, I’d quit.

2 Responses to “My fav Engadget comments”

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