Finally bought a new HDTV


Wow, its been a full month since I’ve posted, I have no excuse, just been lazy. I’m pretty excited to write up this one ’cause I haven’t bought a new HDTV in a long long time. I bought my first HDTV in the summer of 2003 and have owned a total of three HDTVs. It’s very hard for me not to buy a new one every year, but luckily I have enough other desires to keep me busy. At CES 07, the second I saw the Pioneer 8th generation plasma demo, I knew that was going to change. I just couldn’t get over how big of a step these new TVs were compared to anything I’d ever seen before. I had to wait almost 9 months to get one in my house, but on Friday I received my new 60″ 1080p PDP-6010FD Plasma from Plasma concepts. After some debate I ended up with a nice wall mount and a new piece of furniture to put my center channel on. Eventually there will be a full review on EngadgetHD, but for now, all I can say is WOW! This thing is really a sight to see and if you haven’t seen one yet, you have to make it to your local retailer and you’ll understand why the new Kuro line is the new standard in HDTVs.

Check out all the pics.

If you decide to buy one too, hook me up and buy the Pioneer KURO PDP-6010FD 60″ 1080p Plasma HDTV from Amazon.

7 Responses to “Finally bought a new HDTV”

  1. Alex says:

    Nice setup! I especially like how you have a HDMI jack in the wall. It makes me want to get a new TV even though mine is only 1 year old (Panny TH42PX60U)

  2. Thanks Alex!

    You can pick up that HDMI wallplate for about $10 at The only problem with it is that it gets in the way of me pushing my TV all the way against the wall. I only ran the HDMI so I could take advantage of the 1080p output of my Blu-ray player, but I really can’t tell the difference; ohh well…

  3. Ben – you *really* can’t see the diff between Component and HDMI? What kind of content/sources have you tried so far? It was easily visible from my Comcast/Moto 6412 box at 720p, and you have a much better set than I do…

  4. bjdraw says:

    Honestly I haven’t done a side by side comparison on my new TV.
    My older CRT based RPTV looked better with component.

    The difference between using component and HDMI really comes down to the D>A conversion process, and where it gets done. If the TV and source have good D>A and A>D converters, there should be no difference between the two.

    There would have to be a really big difference for me to switch to HDMI from component. In fact the only HDMI Matrix switch I know of is made by Gefen and only a 4×4, which sells for $2k. I would need a 8×4 to replace my component matrix switch, as well as new runs to every TV, which cost about $60 each.

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