Getting closer: FIOS in Riverside Heights



I live in an old neighborhood, but a new house. For years I lived in multi-dweling housing which means no fiber for whatever reason. Last year when I moved into an old neighborhood in Tampa I didn’t expect to get FIOS anytime soon. Back in January I noticed they were finally running conduit for fiber on my street, but until today the conduit was empty. Much to my surprise today there was fiber in the box in the front of my house. Who knows how long it will take now for them to light it up, but I can’t wait to get the extra HD channels they provide over Bright House Networks as well as faster broadband, no 15 Mbps isn’t fast enough for me!

FIOS Flickr set

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  1. […] started to install fiber in my hood as early as January 2007, and back in April they even had the box in front of my house completed. It has been some time since I’ve seen any activity, so I gave them a call to check the […]

  2. […] later and still no fiber, but the day has finally come. Almost 8 months since they started and four months after the crews left our hood, and it is finally available. Not sure what took so long, but we’ll see how the install goes […]