Where I’ve been


If anyone has been wondering, where I have been the past week, because I haven’t posted on Engadget HD or here, it’s because I’ve been engulfed in a new project. You see I have always wanted to be a programmer, well not always, but awhile. The problem is, where to start for fun? I finally found a project that I can work on, while I love my HDHomeRun the lack of OS X GUI has made using it a chore and recently a new friend wrote a GUI for it in Applescript studio and ever since he sent me the source code I have been spending every waking hour working on it. I haven’t been this motivated to work on a project in a long time and hopefully I will slow down before my wife leaves me. At least now that the newness is worn off, I can get back to blogging and spending time with my family, hopefully.

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