Amazon Unbox + TiVo = disapointment

I knew I wasn’t going to be super excited about the Amazon Unbox, I mean it isn’t HD after all and there isn’t multi-channel audio, but man could they have messed it up any worse? Did a quick search by price for the shows tagged TiVo to find the least expensive show was the Animatrix episodes for .99, I downloaded one with my $15 credit for signing up. If you haven’t seen the series, it is great for Matrix fans, but it is presented in a 2.35 aspect ratio. So you know what that means right, yeah bars on the top and bottom of my TV. No problem, but it is a problem with the Series3 adds gray bars to the sides. I just can’t believe that Amazon/TiVo would encode a 2.35 movie in a 4:3 frame. DVD’s haven’t even done this for like 8 years. If they would have encoded it like a DVD, then maybe the TiVo could distribute it in a 16×9 frame.
How much you want to bet that the AppleTV doesn’t do stuff like this?

Ok I feel better now.

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