10 reasons for a geek to be optimistic about the new president

Sure Obama might make Iraq and the economy worse — assuming it’s even possible — but there are plenty of reasons why a geek should be optimistic about his presidency.

  1. Joe Biden won’t be able to vote for the DMCA again — unless there’s a tie in the Senate.
  2. There could be presidential addresses via Twitter.
  3. We may not ever have to fill out another form at a doctor’s office.
  4. He wants a playoff system in College Football, like any football geek would.
  5. Our pipes should stay free thanks to his support for Net Neutrality.
  6. Our kids might be saved thanks to Stem Cell research.
  7. The broadband speeds should increase thanks to his communications infrastructure plans.
  8. His plan to reform the patent system could lead to more innovation.
  9. He may save our life — or the life of a loved one — by modernizing the Public Safety Network.
  10. He’s sure to use the web to run the country, the way he did for his campaign.

So if my new president will stick to this and at the same time leave my guns alone, leave my money in my pocket — yeah I know, fat chance — then we’ll get along just fine.

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