I finally passed Kevin Tofel!

It only took me two years and nine months, but today I finally passed Kevin C Tofel’s post count (1073) on Engadget HD. Sure, it took me almost three years to do something he managed in nine months, but hey, I actually want to keep my full time job! This makes me the number four poster of all time on Engadget HD, with about four months to go — at this pace — to pass Matt Burns. Honestly I’ll probably never pass Richard and you could add my posts to Richard’s and I still wouldn’t match Darren’s.

2 Responses to “I finally passed Kevin Tofel!”

  1. Congrats are definitely in order. Unfortunately, your celebration will be short lived. I had it in my contract to be reinstated if and when you caught me. I’ll see you online tomorrow and I’ll have five posts up before you have one. 😉

    I kid, I kid. Thanks for making a eHD a great site!

  2. Mehar Gill says:

    Congrats Ben!

    Here’s to a thousand more! 😉