Who knew there were provider fanboys?

The fanboy phenomenon is really interested, just think about people who attach to a corporation and defend it online despite all logic, it really is like a religion. We dealt with them on EHD all the time during the format war, and I’m sure Joystiq can tell you some stories about about game console fanboys — the PS3 fanboys have come after me a few times and all I can say is wow. But who’d a thought there were provider fanboys.

Yesterday I saw a post on a forum — I won’t say which, ’cause I know they wouldn’t want to be associated with the poster — where a DirecTV fanboy was taking great pleasure in taunting Dish Network subscribers because of Dish’s failed satellite launch the other day. It’s hard to believe he has anything to personally gain from Dish’s failure, but even then, the language he used was as bad or worse then I ever saw used on EHD, and definitely one we would’ve deleted without hesitation. Despite this loser’s comments, I still hope the best for DirecTV’s launch tomorrow.

One Response to “Who knew there were provider fanboys?”

  1. Ben,

    I really hope it was not one of my users. Since the news came out we have had over a thousand posts / replies about it. I have not had the time to go through them all.

    I did notice a staff member of another site gloating about the failure yesteday which turned my stomach.

    I was acually thinking about writing about this is my MultiChannel column tomorrow as it bugged me so much.
    I personaly have both saellte companies and both have differences which make each company great in their own ways. Dish has great dvrs, DirecTV has great sports coverage. I am personally wanting both companies to succed.

    I can’t tell you how saddened I felt when I woke up early Saturday morning and heard the news.

    Personally I fell that Dish can go ahead with it HD plans without the new satellitea as Echostar 3 still has some life to it.. Dish filed with the FCC last week to keep Echostar 3 where it was as an in orbit spare.

    Lets just hope Dish can get another satellite there before life runs out on Echostar 3.