The ultimate iPhone review

My friends Ryan and Chris at Engadget have written the most comprehensive iPhone review you could imagine. It it 13k words, so you may want to take it in short segments. Also here’s a mini review from yours truly.

UI is fantastic, fast and couldn’t ask for anything more.
iPod, phone and photos functionality is fantastic. is a great example of a great iPhone web application.
WiFi integration is unbelievable, it really does just work.

I love Gmail and like the review says “One Engadget editor called the Gmail integration “a crime against humanity”. Email in general is really bad.
Safari crashes and it doesn’t identify itself as a mobile browser, so it always tries to load the full page, which can be painful over Edge.

The iPhone is the best phone I’ve ever had, hands down, but I can’t wait for software updates to resolve the issues.

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