Apple TV hickups

So far I really like this thing, the HD video lived up to my expectations and I spent my first two days upgrading the drive. The partitions were a little tricky, but nothing dd can’t handle. Still looking for a free way to expand a HFS+ partition, but the $35 iPartition will have to do for now.

I am having a few other issues; as I feared you can’t sync iPhoto from one computer and iTunes form another. This causes me problems, I guess I will have to manually sync my iPhoto Library between Macs. Not a big deal, maybe they will fix it.

The biggest problem I am having is with the IR remote. I use an Xantech IR distribution system and the Apple TV just won’t work. Just to check my remote, I moved my MacBook Pro to my equipment closet and attached the IR emitter to it, used the same remote and it works fine. Not sure what I can do, but this is a real show stopper if I can’t control it.

I am a little dishearten at Apple for not getting the Apple TV I ordered on day one to me before having them in stock at the Apple store. Then on top of this, the Apple TV came signature required. Not sure who stays home all day waiting for packages, but I don’t and since I didn’t know this in advanced so I didn’t have it shipped to my work. Ahh well, i think I will just let Fedex return this one for me.

3 Responses to “Apple TV hickups”

  1. John Z says:

    did you ever figure out how to use the Xantech IR distribution system with Apple TV? I’ve been having the same problem…

  2. Yeah, I switched out the flasher. The kind that sticks on wouldn’t work, but the one that sits in front of it a few inches away seems to work fine.

  3. […] the remote, it doesn’t seem to work well with my Xantech IR distribution system, just like my AppleTV does. It is working, just not real well, which brings me to my biggest problem; I need a wireless […]