Why I changed my tune on the format war

When this format war first got started, I wasn’t sure which side to choose, but after attending CES 06 I was sold on Blu-ray. I was overwhelmed with the amount of Blu-ray support at the show and this prompted me to talk about and write predictions about the fast demise of HD DVD. This earned me the nickname Ben “Blu-ray” Drawbaugh by some commenter’s on EHD. Most haven’t noticed that a few months ago I changed my tune. The reason for this is an interview I did for EHD that I wasn’t supposed to talk about. Well I could talk about it, but not specifics and although I am not going to go back on my word now, I am going to share more info. You see I had a nice talk with a Studio exec and while I won’t say which one, I will say that it is a neutral studio that produces titles for both sides. What he told me that changed my mind was that they are making money on both formats. Like any other business, the decisions are based on return, not costs and as long as they make money on both sides, they will continue to support both. This really forced to step back and realize that this thing isn’t ending anytime soon. Who knows how long it will go on, but for now I am enjoying Blu-ray movies and you should be too.

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