Bye bye for now DirecTV

My New and Old TiVo

I have been a DirecTV customers for some time now, originally it wasn’t for reasons I will publicly mention, but eventually it was because of the HD TiVo. Now that DirecTV has decided to go another route and the Series3 is everything I hoped it would be (assuming they add MRV and TTG), I am done with DirecTV; for now. I say for now, because they might just live up to their promisses and add 100 HD channels and although I love my TiVo I may pick up a H20 to watch the new channels till I can recored them with my Series3 (when BHN adds them) — I mean why not, I already have the AT9 dish on my roof?

It is really kind of sad for me, but what else can I do to get a HD TiVo? How much do I like TiVo/hate the SA8300/HR20? So much that I paid $800 for my first Series3, $300 for 3 years prepaid TiVo Service and $8/mo for 2 CableCARDs. We have been a 2 DVR family for some time now, so we had to buy a second Series3 for $611, as well as the service and the CableCARD rental. Wow $32/mo for TiVo service and CableCARD fees that shocks me, but it is what it is.

Now if TiVo would just enable MRV, and I would be all set.

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