Why does the iPhone take so long to sync?

I have had a few devices that I’ve sync’d with my computer and it seems that the iPhone is the slowest of them all. It takes 7 minutes to sync everything but media. Then it only takes 2 minutes to sync my podcasts. Maybe it’s just me, but 9 minutes to sync — not including video or music — is too long, especially considering the amount of changes that were made.

**Update** The reason for my long sync was Office 2004, once I updated to the preview of Office 2008, my iPhone syncs really fast!

**2.0 Update** The first few times I synced after updating to 2.0 took forever, but just keep syncing, and eventually the “backing up iPhone” flys by like it did before.

The problem is the applications — every time you add new apps it has to back those up which takes forever and for whatever reason it seems to take longer when I install the apps via iTunes than when I use the iPhone’s app store.

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